1. Lucky One

From the recording Lucky One

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Lucky One

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Acoustic Guitar & Vocals- Jahnel Daliya
Djembe- Andrew Gabor
Bass- John Wooten
Electric Guitar- James Britton
Engineered and Mixed by Don Godwin at Tonal Park Studio
Mastered by TJ Lipple


Fell in love with the road
living for the dream
Along came a boy
promising something pretty
What pretty words he did tell my heart
Made me believe
I'm the lucky one
The lucky one

You say you'll never let me go
I'm the one you need
You say you'll never break my heart
leave it there to bleed out slowly
Never is a word you shouldn't say
things might change
I do believe that
I'm the lucky one
the lucky one

I told you everything
My secrets and my dreams
no longer hiding inside
My life is on the road
Traveling miles and miles
I share my soul
With you by my side I'm home

I whisper to you as you sleep
To infiltrate your dream
Our hearts are young and running wild
living life with every passing mile
You're the only lover I'll ever know
on this road
I'll always believe
that I'm the lucky one
The lucky one