Jahnel Daliya brings her unique blend of folk, pop and rock fueled by soulful vocals and songwriting aimed at finding the light in this sometimes heavy but beautiful world. Her songwriting journey began late in 2013 which lead Jahnel to a series of solo acoustic performances. In 2015 she began performing with her band of local talent hitting some popular music festivals, fairs, conferences and music clubs throughout DC and Virginia . In June 2017 Jahnel released her debut EP "Chase The Moon", four tracks which play like an introduction to her journey discovering herself as an artist. In 2019 Jahnel released her first full length record "Into The Night". It's an electrified indie rock record of eleven well crafted songs that explore the balance between embracing the carefree spirit of living in the moment and being grounded by love and commitment and living through the highs and lows that we all face in one way or another.

Raised in the projects of Brooklyn, New York Jahnel grew up to the sounds of a busy city and 1980’s soul, pop, and R&B music. She found a love of singing along to Whitney Houston and Janet Jackson and Paula Abdul on the radio but it wasn’t until she and her mother moved to Virginia that  she was able to develop her skill and technique singing in a few Washington DC choirs, Children of the Gospel and Urban Nation. Her powerful vocals can bend from edgy and soulful to richly intimate. With no formal musical training she crafts her song from a very free and innocent place. She credits her prolific songwriting to being an only child and spending her alone time making up stories and songrecords to entertain herself when she wasn’t exploring the world outside of her window.

9:30 Club- Washington DC

9:30 Club- Washington DC

Jahnel’s vocals add a powerful tone to add a certain comfortability. Her expansive range and intoxicating tone capture listeners instantly.”

Buzz Music

This energy we had not seen for a few years, a good ten to be honest.”

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