Jahnel daliya


  Jahnel Daliya brings her unique blend of folk, pop and rock fueled by soulful vocals and songwriting aimed at finding the light in this sometimes heavy but beautiful world. Her influences include soulful artist Whitney Houston and Sam Cooke, indie rock band Yeah Yeah Yeahs and singer songwriters Brandi Carlile and Jenny Lewis.  

  Jahnel's songwriting journey began late in 2013 which lead her to a series of solo acoustic performances. In 2015 Jahnel began performing with her band hitting some popular music festivals, fairs, music conferences and music clubs throughout DC and Virginia . In June 2017 she released her debut EP "Chase The Moon", four tracks which play like an introduction to her journey discovering herself as an artist. Her passion to create and become apart of the music scene was fueled by the idea that practicing what you preach sets a better example. Married with two small boys she felt it her duty to not only show an example of a woman pushing forward to go after her dreams, but also a woman with value to add to the world. 


  An introspective melodic journey with lyrics that will evoke memories of when you felt carefree and the world was a mystery you couldn’t wait to unravel. Delicately placed piano presents a dreamy effect while electric guitar, saxophone and valve trombone give this acoustic driven record a punch in all the right places. Bass and percussion bring everything together so seamlessly as the rich smooth vocals tell the story faintly familiar you get lost in each track.

Chase The Moon (2017)

1. Chase The Moon

2. Wanna Go

3. Feel It

4. Lola Roxanne

Into the night (2019)

1. Gold

2. Last Night

3. Lie

4. Into The Night

5. Higher

6. On Our Own

7. Time To Go

8. Daylight

9. The Room

10. The Worst

Jahnel’s vocals add a powerful tone to add a certain comfortability. Her expansive range and intoxicating tone capture listeners instantly.”

Buzz Music

This energy we had not seen for a few years, a good ten to be honest. ”

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