Part 2: Chase The Moon


Chase the Moon:  

I think I wrote this in 2014. This song is all about the beginning of my writing process and journey to discovering my craft. I would often steal away to my basement just minutes after my family went to bed. There I would sit on the floor and I would start picking away at the guitar strings. In the beginning I wasn't well practiced on the guitar. I had taken a few lessons when I was 20 but here I was at 32 and felt like I was starting from scratch. Well, I was. But after midnight, I was alone with my guitar and my thoughts and we became one. Cheesy I know.  

  "I Called And You Came To My Rescue..."

I would strum through chords that I knew, find a pretty one that I didn't and soon something would take over and I was deep into creating. The line in the first verse:  "I called and you came to my rescue" is about my yearning to find something that gave me joy. I leaned into music and my passion was revealed. It showed up, it rescued me. And from then on I would write and play for hours and hours, losing sleep that I would never get back seeing as I had a toddler to chase after every day.   

    "We Won't Be Young Forever..."

The last lines of the chorus: "We won't be young forever don't you know... we're lovers of the night let's Chase the Moon". I did not waste the night, I chased the moon all the way to 4 A.M. I always feel like I got such a late start becoming a musician. I crammed in all the guitar videos I could to learn my favorite songs which lead to me learning more chords to play. Then I would take my new found skills and create a melody that I would soon and quickly write lyrics over. I hated the idea that if I didn't figure out everything going on in my head, the moment would pass and the song would be gone.  

"Going To Bed At Dawn..."

The second verse: "The light will cripple our senses. Going to bed at dawn to some is madness". I'm a natural night owl, I find that I'm more creative in the late evening so diving deep into songwriting was something I wanted to commit my time to. Much better to use my creativity than to watch TV all night or toss and turn trying to force myself into a traditional sleep pattern. My husband is a morning person. He'd much rather I join him for breakfast and coffee. Instead, I stayed in bed till the last possible minute or until my kids forced me to be awake but not quite functional.  

"We'll Chase The Moon And Own The Night."

It's easy to think that songs are about people. This one I feel initially sounds like I'm talking about another person. Ultimately, the lyrics are about creativity and myself.  The bridge: "It's a race to have fun, before the morning comes. We'll chase the moon and own the night". Developing this song and finding myself in the process I realized, I am me. I can only be me. I found myself happy and on fire to create something each night. 

This is still my process till this day. Late nights and early mornings. All worth it. 

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