Part 4: Feel It


Sometimes you write something and you feel just "okay" about it. Just OKAY isn't good enough so you sit on it. Sometimes a week or longer goes by and you let the song breath. That's what…

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Part 3: Wanna Go


Keeping with the order of the tracks on this album. Wanna Go is next up on discovering Chase The Moon. Before we delve in, a crucial part to the creation of these songs was my very…

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Part 2: Chase The Moon

  Chase the Moon:  

I think I wrote this in 2014. This song is all about the beginning of my writing process and journey to discovering my craft. I would often steal away to my basement just minutes…

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Part 1. Discovering Chase The Moon

Get to know Jahnel Daliya and this record "Chase The Moon" a little more.  

Two years ago in August I began recording this album. It included four tracks that represented the beginning of my journey as a songwriter…

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